Dharma Fund and JAP JI DOWNLOADS
JOIN US SUNDAY November 11th for LIVE STREAM SC class with this years Level 1 students joining you!

Sunday Connection

Join Sevak for his weekly Sunday Connection class at Anahata Yoga Sound & Energy Healing in Scottsdale AZ, every Sunday! Come celebrate the beauty and wonder of being alive. I look forward to seeing you there, and if you can't make it in person, watch it live Sundays at 11am on Sevak’s Facebook page, or practice with the archived video classes on Facebook.


Kundalini Self Mastery

Walk with the Guardians of the Spiritual Path and develop yourself as a Master with this course built on advanced Kundalini Yoga and Meditation inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Work personally with Master Teachers Sevak Singh and Guru Singh. Establish, develop and...


Keeping up with Sevak Singh