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Dharma Rahnjeet Education Fund

Dharma Rahnjeet Singh, age 13, is Sevak Singh's youngest grandson, his youngest daughter Satsiri Kaur's only child. He has grown up surrounded by yogic practice and spiritual sensitivities. Several years ago, after seeing the annual graduation of senior students of Miri Piri Academy, Yogi Bhajan's school in Amritsar India, he proclaimed 'Pepe, I want to go to school there'. His unwavering determination to be part of the MPA family resulted in his enrollment last year. He found the school very challenging and as he put it: "Pepe, everything is hard here, and I mean, EVERYTHING is hard here!" Despite and partly because of the challenges, he wants to return again this year. He has grown on all levels thanks to his hard work and the MPA staff who are second to none.

One of the ways we are raising funds for his schooling is the sale of my longtime coming Jap Ji project. This contemporary English interpretation of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's poetic Song of the Soul includes 4 audio tracks: English recitation; Gurmukhi recitation; simultaneous recitation with both languages; and alternating male female style English recitation, as well as a PDF file of the English recitation.

If you would like to purchase this Jap Ji project as a download, please make a gift of $20 USD via the PayPal Donate button and we will send you your download code. If you would like to make a more sizable gift to Dharma Rahnjeet's Education Fund of $100 or more please contact me so we can get you a tax deductible donation receipt from the Anahata Seva Project / DREF.

Our family is deeply appreciative of your support.

Blessings and Joy,
Sevak Singh

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