Special Weekend Immersion

Sound:The expression of existence

with Guru Singh + Sevak Singh


Live, study and practice with Guru Singh + Sevak Singh for 4-days in the serene and beautiful Gisela Valley at Heart and Soul Oasis.

This unique experiential weekend is filled with the practical study of internal, external, individual and group sound for self-development and stimulating the Kundalini energy with the use of sound through live music, mantra and meditation with the use of guitars, gongs, bowls, drums, the conch and other instruments in addition to using the sound of your own voice.

 We will explore:

How mantra transcends the known laws of nature

  • Experience the advanced techniques of vocal mantra

  • Becoming the tuning fork of Mata Shakti thru Kundalini

  • Merging sound into the breath

  • The sound of no-breath 

Aligning the 10 bodies with the naad of creation

  • Using bowls, gongs and stringed instruments

  • Meditation and practices through the Lunar cycle

  • Using your chakras to power your sound

  • Meditating in the light of the full moon  

Inner and outer sound creating unisonness

  • The rhythm of nature and heaven

  • Creating a stimulated point of creativity and manifestation

  • Voice, scale and aides to expression

  • Cross discipline mantra and frequency 

The un-struck melody within every heart

  • Consciously moving the Pranic force

  • Tapping your unique instrument

  • Sharing your song with the world / being unshakeable

Sleeping accomodation