Special Weekend Immersion with Guru Singh


Guru Singh shares technologies to experience the phenomenon of Spirit pulsating into the present moment, the unknown becoming known. For 4-full days, Guru Singh guides you to expand your fixed frequency of Self into the void, creating an illuminated path of experience and understanding.

Our daily schedule will include:

  • Early morning practice (sadhana),

  • 3 daily classes including 2.5-hour meditations

Housing and meals are included. You only need to bring items needed to be comfortable during your stay such as; yoga clothes, walking shoes; any yoga mats, blocks, bolsters,  shawls or skins as well as personal hygiene items. We provide blankets in the yoga room and as well as all bedding and linens. If you require anything specific for your well-being, please let us know. HEART + SOUL OASIS strives to serve everyone to the best of our ability.

May 8-12 | All inclusive: $1250.00