Kundalini Self Mastery Course 2019

Guardians of the Spiritual Path

Develop yourself as a Master with this course built on advanced Kundalini Yoga and Meditation inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Work personally with Master Teachers Sevak Singh and Guru Singh.

Establish, develop and experience your unshakable spiritual frequency through Mata Shakti Kundalini.

This One-Year Course Includes:

  • 40 days of individualized yogic preparation
  • 6 residential immersions over 5 months, 4 days each
  • 6 months of post-course guidance to solidify self-determined personal practice
This course is extremely limited at just 25 spots, 20 of which are residential.

Sevak Singh


Guru Singh


Course Requirements

  • The ability to attend a year-long course including:
    • Six 4-day residential immersion weekends
    • A six-month program of continuing spiritual development following the completion of the course
  • Active knowledge of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®
  • The ability to sit for extended periods of time
  • Physical strength sufficient to hold asana and mudra for an extended period of time
  • A doctor’s statement of health

Course Schedule

Session #1  : January 4-7, 2019  

Foundations of Advanced Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Practice moving the Pranic forces. Consciously expand into the subtle realms of Kundalini Self Mastery. Establish a personal knowledge of Kundalini.

Session #2  : February 1-4, 2019  

Establishing the Naad and Nam of Your Fixed Frequency as a Master

Advanced yoga, meditation, rebirthing and deep self-work. Sevak Singh guides you through the ‘I Am’ process creating a unique self-mantra providing direction to the path of your Self Mastery.

Session #3  : March 1-4, 2019  

The Mystical Realms of Mastery

Guru Singh guides you to expand your fixed frequency of Self into the void, creating an illuminated path of experience and understanding; to experience the phenomenon of Spirit pulsating into the present moment; to witness the unknown becoming known.

Session #4  : March 29-31 and April 1, 2019

Developing your Elemental Organic Human

Connect your experiential spiritual Self in relation to living on Mother Earth while consciously creating unison with the earthly elements through yogic practice, gardening, healing foods, recipes, and the preparation of healing balms, salves and tinctures.

Session #5  : April 19-22, 2019  

Sound as a Tool for Self Mastery

Guru Singh delivers a practical study and experience of internal, external, individual and group sound for self-development and stimulating the Kundalini energy; including the use of external sources of sound: gongs, bowls, conch and other instruments.

Session #6  : May 17-20, 2019  

Developing an Accountable Spiritual Plan

Discover benchmarks and best practices for continuing and integrating Self Mastery into your daily life. Define your specific practices and goals to create spiritual impact within your orbit.

Six-Month Kundalini Self Mastery Continued Self Development: May 21 through November 20, 2019

Course Fee $5,995

Fee includes lodging and food; materials, instruction and post course follow up

Lodging and Food

  • Onsite housing is ashram-style bunk living with multiple participants in gender specific rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Meals and snacks are vegetarian, vegan, largely gluten-free, beginning Friday breakfast through Monday lunch
  • Group Morning Sadhana is held Friday thru Tuesday

Payment Information

  • A payment of $1,000 is due within 5 days of acceptance into the 2019 KSM course to reserve your spot.
  • Payment in full is due on or before November 1, 2018.
    • Payment methods will be provided upon acceptance into the program.
  • Maximum residential participants: 20 / Maximum total participants:  25

Application fee and course payment are non-refundable.

Other information

  • Course instruction Friday 10:30am through Monday 2pm
  • Early arrival available Thursday 6pm and late departure until Tuesday 10am
  • Transportation to and from Heart and Soul Oasis is the responsibility of the applicant
  • Daily schedule begins in the ambrosial hours 2.5 hours before sunrise and ends before 9pm
  • If private lodging is desired, offsite accommodations are located 25 minutes away in Payson, AZ. All associated transport, scheduling and expenses are the participant’s sole responsibility and will not change the course fees. Participants staying offsite are expected to attend the full day of events and trainings.


Click the application graphic at left to download the 2019 Kundalini Self Mastery Program as a Word doc.


Application Process

  • Complete the online application and questionnaire at
  • Submit your completed application along with a $108 non-refundable fee
  • Upon receipt of your documents, your application will be reviewed for acceptance. A phone interview will then be arranged with Sevak Singh and/or Guru Singh.
  • If you are not invited to participate in our 2019 class, suggestions for personal development relative to your practice will be offered prior to re-application.

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Application Submission

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