September 13th: Thursday 7:00-9:00pm Class #1 special series at Anahata Yoga

Class #1 special event at Anahata Yoga Scottsdale, AZ.

September 13th 7:00 to 9pm     Getting to know Kundalini: ‘The Energy Supreme’

An experiential class into the art and science of Kundalini Yoga. Every path of yoga and spiritual awakening benefits from knowledge of Kundalini, the primal force resident in every human being. Kundalini arousal is part and parcel of every tradition from body based practices such as Hatha yogas to esoteric practices such as Kashmir Shaivism and the intricacies of Tantric based non-dual systems of practice. Knowing about Kundalini the primal power benefits every practice.

A class for specific introduction and experience of the Kundalini / General yoga set and basic pranayama instruction with a gong aided meditation.